Cultivated for Centuries

Medicines, clothing, nutrition, fabrics, textiles, oils, salves, and lotions are just a few of the useful and beneficial products this plant is capable of producing for our everyday life.

Extraordinary books like “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” from the legendary cannabis advocates Jack Herer, tell it’s easy to see how many useful entities are derived from this remarkable plant. I was fascinated after I learned that the first American flag was made from Hemp, and that farmers could pay their taxes in Hemp. Yes it’s true.

For over 150 years this was an acceptable form of payment to the United States Government. Why did it stop?  Here’s a good explanation of how marijuana became illegal.

Staying true to its original form and basic properties, the cannabis flower remains relatively unprocessed and unrefined to this day, as typically most of the medicinal qualities are found in the flower itself. When you start processing to extract the concentrates from the flower using alcohol, butane, CO2, etc, is when the full fledged healing properties of this magnificent flower gets somewhat questionable.

If you have a problem with using cannabis, perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself is some slack due to the fact that historically there is little or no negative effects on the internal organs of people using, other than healing them in ways conventional medicines cannot.

Of course as long as you’re not infringing on others personal right’s, everyone should obviously have the freedom to grow and use this gifted plant as they choose.

It is a true gift to all life.